Peace Even in the Wilderness

By Dr. Brent Beasley

“Hagar’s story is hard to hear. But for some of us, Hagar’s story is our story and we need to hear it, because we can relate to her pain, we can relate to her sense of isolation, her feelings of helplessness, and we need to know that just as God did not abandon her in her wilderness, God will not abandon us in ours. That peace can be found—even when abandoned to the wilderness.

“The truth is we all go through times in life where the pain of our circumstance is such that we do feel alone. People don’t know how to help us, and we don’t know what to tell them. It could be
failure, or

“As Sarah Buteux said in a sermon on this story, there are times in our lives when our pain is so raw, our circumstances so dire, that other people are afraid to come near. They don’t know how to help us. They don’t know what to say. They don’t know how to begin, and so like Hagar we find ourselves
worried about our ability to care for those we love
unsure of how we will make it through the
afternoon, let alone through tomorrow.”

This sermon was preached at Cliff Temple Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas on June 25, 2017

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