The Hedgehog and the Fox

Last year I read a remarkable book on strategy and leadership by Yale professor John Lewis Gaddis called On Grand Strategy. It’s one of the most important books related to leadership I have ever read. Gaddis uses a central metaphorical dichotomy for his analysis: the hedgehog vs. the fox. The ancient Greek poet Archilochus of … Continue reading The Hedgehog and the Fox

The Years of the Locusts

There was a fascinating story in this week’s New York Times about the threat of swarms of locusts in Africa and the attempts to limit the damage: As Locusts Swarmed East Africa, This Tech Helped Squash Them - The New York Times ( The desert locust, known to scientists as “Schistocerca Americana, subspecies gregaria,” is a distant … Continue reading The Years of the Locusts

What I Read This Week

Early in the week I finished Barack Obama’s presidential memoir, A Promised Land. Obama really is a good writer. Then I read Rob Bell’s newest book, Everything is Spiritual, which I liked a lot. Bell writes: I’ve had a sense since I was youngthat there’s more going on here, thatthe world is not a cold, … Continue reading What I Read This Week

A Journey To and From the Center

To journey without being changedis to be a nomad.To change without journeyingis to be a chameleon.To journey and to be transformedby the journeyis to be a pilgrim.-Mark Nepo, “Being a Pilgrim,” January 30, The Book of Awakening Henri Nouwen writes:When I taught academic courses on the spiritual life, I sometimes drew a long straight line … Continue reading A Journey To and From the Center

Call-In Culture

As I read in the 12/16/20 issue of The Christian Century, Loretta J. Ross, who teaches a popular class at Smith College, is challenging her students to address “call-out” culture—the practice of publicly shaming someone for behavior or speech deemed inappropriate. Ross, a radical Black feminist and a longtime activist, believes call-out culture is toxic. … Continue reading Call-In Culture