Dangerous Dreams


By Dr. Brent Beasley

“Hearing the voice of God can
change your world,
turn it upside down.
A word from God is often
an intrusive word.
an inconvenient word,
dangerous to the status quo.

“But, as Will Willimon says, I wonder, what is more dangerous: to hear our name called or to live oblivious to the voice?

“Have you heard a disruptive word from God lately? Or would you say, as is said in the first verse of 1 Samuel 3, that the word of the Lord was rare in those days. Are you living out your days oblivious to the Voice?

“How ready are you to have your life interrupted by God?
Are you listening for God to speak a word to you that might change your life?
Or is the word of the Lord rare in these days?”

This sermon was preached at Cliff Temple Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas on September 7, 2017


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