How are Fort Worth Kids Doing Academically?

I presented a report on the state of education in the City of Fort Worth to the FW City Council last night.

Here are two news articles about our report:

And here are my remarks to the Council in presenting the report:

Thank you for the time tonight. I shared a report with you in June that showed how our children are performing academically in every public school in the city, organized by council district.

There are 12 independent school districts with schools located in the City of Fort Worth plus a number of charter schools. The education of Fort Worth kids is not a single ISD issue. It is a city issue.

Since we issued that report, the state has come out with the data from this past school year. So we wanted to do an update with the current information. The state didn’t issue A-F ratings from last year, so what we are sharing with you is a report on the percentage of kids meeting grade level standards on the STAAR tests.

And I think everyone wants to know what the learning loss was coming out of these COVID times, so we included what the decrease was compared to 2019.

I’m going to go over this very quickly with you.

In Fort Worth overall,
28% of kids met grade level standards on the state tests in 20-21. That is an 11 percentage point decrease from 2019 when 39% of kids met grade level.

In Council District 2:
24% of kids met grade level
11 percentage point decline from 2019

Council District 3:
30% met grade level
9 point decline

Council District 4:
33% met grade level
14 percentage point decline

Council District 5:
16% of the children met grade level
11 point decline

Council District 6:
23% met grade level
11 point decline

Council District 7:
42% met grade level
12 percentage point decrease

Council District 8:
17% met grade level
10 point decline

Council District 9:
23% students met grade level standard
12% percentage point decline since 2019

We all know we can’t have a healthy city or council district without having effective schools and children performing at grade level academically. I wanted to share this with you so that as our city’s leaders you know where your kids stand as we enter this school year. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say this is a crisis- a house on fire crisis.

But I have a lot of respect for each of you and a lot of faith in your leadership and ability to make an impact for our kids in our city.

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