Weaving Our Lives Together

Here is something I published on medium.com about reweaving the social fabric of our community, particularly in the area of education

“In many cities around the state and country, school districts and charter schools fight each other tooth and nail to protect their own interests, and we see people try to pit traditional public education and charters against each other for their own political purposes. But in Fort Worth many of us have asked, What if we could see the education system in Fort Worth not as a disjointed jumble of adults’ competing interests but as one interesting, beautiful fabric of education for all — maybe something like a quilt with many different pieces woven together and where the whole is greater than its parts? Here in our city, the Fort Worth ISD and local charter schools are working together every way they can with the best interests of Fort Worth kids at heart.”

You can read the whole thing here:

Weaving Our Lives Together

View at Medium.com

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