Fence Movers

by Dr. Brent Beasley

“It is so vitally important that we remember that Jesus has torn down the walls between us because we are stronger together.

“We all have this deep need for each other— whether we admit it or not.
We all need to be part of something bigger than ourselves.
We need to be able to be ourselves and bring to the table our gifts alongside those of others.
We need to learn that we are valued by others who think we are indispensable to the group and to convince everyone else in the group of their place at the same time.

“This is who the church is. We share life together as members of Christ’s body. It’s not just that we need each other but that the body of Christ, the church, needs each one of us to accomplish its purpose. Being part of this is something that gives us more life than we could have on our own.

“We are stronger together. Don’t ever forget that.”

This sermon was preached at Rising Star Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas on February 11, 2018

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